Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I'm happy to bring you a repeat offender today for Story Time! Today's story is a flash fiction piece from Lisa Rusczyk, who last appeared on Glass Cases in February with her story Picture This.
Since February, Lisa has completed another novel, raising the total to five published works. Her latest, Chasing the Dark, is available in both print and ebook. She also started her the 'zine, Hazard Cat and has six cats of her own. She lives in Alabama with her husband. Enjoy!
by Lisa Rusczyk

She painted my green walls yellow after I left. She took my ornaments off the tree. I thought the pizza cutter was a nice, shiny touch. I didn’t have any trinkets of my own.

"I need some good news," I told her last time we talked. She’d had twins the week before. I bet all their toys are nicely arranged and not one out of place.

Towels were to be folded in threes with the folds facing out and the toothpaste could never, ever be squeezed in the middle.

We meet for lunch and her hair’s short and her boobs are new. I don’t like her. I used to.

She says, "We almost got divorced. Almost." She doesn’t ask what happened to me and mine.

I say, "I like your hair. Makes you look older."

"Mom kept her hair short. Now I know why. So much easier."

I know short hair isn’t easier. It sticks up in the morning and needs to be washed more.

Diner food comforts me. Grits. Need more be said? I tell her this and she says, "I never eat anymore. Never have time. Work out every day, though."

I say, "How’s your sister?"

"Materialistic. I don’t know how we’re related."

On her Facebook page her sister writes personal sister love notes.

She tells me a secret about her sex life. Something about toys. Something about watchers. I wonder about the "almost."

She picks up the check. Not much talking over the meal and she only ate one egg white and half a piece of toast. I watch her. I don’t like her but I love to watch her. Every movement is a planned execution, a cat prowling a new yard.


  1. Love it, Lisa. Very funny. :)

  2. Thanks, Nicole. And thanks, Sarah, for posting it.

  3. Gorgeous! I love that last image: "A cat prowling a new yard."