Friday, March 04, 2011

Do Not Be Alarmed

I'm taking a brief break from blogging (but apparently not from alliteration!) through March. I plan to be back Wednesday, April 6, where your fabulous stories will resume publication and I will resume my duties as blogger. I'm not going anywhere physically, but a busy schedule is preventing me from blogging to my full potential, and you guys deserve better than that.

To those who are currently asking "um, what about that story I sent you?" - do not worry. All submissions will still be read and considered, and will be ready for publication in April. I also encourage people to keep submitting their work! Like I said, my break will be brief, and I'll need plenty o' stories to welcome me back.

See you soon, friends! We'll always have Twitter...


  1. Good luck with getting lots done!

  2. Gosh, Sarah. Why you gotta be so busy? :P

  3. Enjoy your break! I'm just returning from my Internet break.

  4. Enjoy your time out, look forward to your return.